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When you want to go old school and back to the basics of fun, this set from Hoyle will take you there. It comes with six decks of themed cards to play Go Fish, Memory, Old Maid, Crazy Eights and more. The games all need to be played with two or more players and most are suitable for the ages of 3 and up. Games to Play with your Boyfriend (21 replies) - Funadvice i know this is really cheesy, but there's this hand game which is really funny to play. i always play it with my boyfriend. :) basically, you stand in front of each other. put your hands upside down (palms facing sky) and let your boyfriend put his hands on top of yours (lightly). the game is you have to try and turn your hand fast enough to ... My Fall Bucket List - Free online games at

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Oh The Games We Play! Having FUN In Your Customer Service Mar 17, 2014 · Oh The Games We Play! Having FUN In Your Customer Service/Contact Center Published on March 17, KPI hit, the rep gets to get out of the booth and go play the game for a … Fun Games to Play in a Call Center to Keep Reps Motivated It is the job of the call center manager or supervisor to keep the representatives motivated to sell products and services. Since workers are limited to the call center, heading outdoors for some sunshine is not an option. Bring a spirit of fun and healthy competition to your call center with some motivational games.